To be with you…

Egyptian camel transport passing over Olivet, 1918 Photo restoration by American Colony Jerusalem

Good morning beloved,

Today I felt a blanket of sadness and overwhelmedness (yes, it’s a word in Cara’s dictionary..) cover me from head to food. I woke up with grief about relationships and worry for the year ahead of homeschooling. I longed to download with my husband..ran out of time. I watched my children begin their descent into bickering. Honestly, my thoughts couldn’t have dug me any deeper, until I was reminded of a powerful truth by Ann Voskamp:

Give thanksLike a breath of fresh air, I remembered. I recalled. And the blanket has begun to fall by the wayside. You see, I began to see things in a new light. The kids began to play with the dog…together. We are teaching her to roll over and today, she is really getting it! Very fun. I was reminded of the honor of our friends’ request. I am reminded of the honor of being asked to help. Reminded of how far my boy has come.

I begin to give thanks, for His love endures forever.

33 Then the trees of the forest will ·sing [shout; cry out]
for joy before the Lord.
·They will sing because [For] he is coming to judge the ·world [earth].

34 Thank the Lord because he is good.
His ·love [steadfast love; lovingkindness] ·continues [endures] forever.
35 Say to him, “Save us, God ·our Savior [of our salvation],
and ·bring us back and save [gather and rescue] us from ·other [the] nations.
Then we will thank ·you [your holy name]
and ·will gladly praise you [glory in your praise].” 1 Chronicles 16 EXB

Worries pile up. They don’t have to.. we allow it. We allow the accusations to filter in. We have a choice.

you can listen for the music of nature. The wind whistling. The birds joining the chorus…the waves crashing. Give thanks.

For He is good. Remember. He is good.

His love endures forever. And ever. And ever. And ever.

It stretches higher and longer, friends. We have His manifest presence with us all the time. This song grips me and shakes me.

I am loved. Me! I am loved. I may not understand all but He gave it all.

You are loved. Give thanks.

Pray on.




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5 thoughts on “To be with you…

  1. This was very encouraging to read today. I, too, begin to feel overwhelmed about this year of homeschooling. I’m going to print out that Ann Voskamp quote and put it up where I’ll see it!


  2. Great post! Very inspiring in our crazy lives!! Wonderful reminder…It’s all about Christ!! Stop “doing” and just BE with Him!!

    Thanks for the mention! godssceneryandpromises


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