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Ukrainian National Park The Holy Mountain Photo by Balkhovitin

Good morning, beloved,

Some of my very best lessons in life are found in children. Just saying. Having four of my own, I can go from pride to really? did you just say/do that? We’ve had a guest this past week and I’ve been interested to see how my children respond to her, care and help her. Yet, I think the Lord had a greater purpose in giving us our guest this week. Refining me. You see, when I have had people over in years past, I have been a freak to trying to get my house a certain way, so people would be impressed or whatever. It’s embarrassing to even type that, but after neighbors have come in unexpectedly, friends come in with no warning,  our guest has been here this week, I am beginning to see hospitality in an entirely new way.  I love having my house full. I love people feeling comfortable in my house. Sitting around our island in our kitchen, sipping on a beverage, my heart soars. Piles of papers in one corner (I will get to that), clean dishes in the side of sink, dirty dishes stacked, the laundry room open with laundry strewn, yet as we sit and talk, I see my family laughing, my husband sharing and telling stories and I realize I need to learn to be comfortable in my own skin.

However, there is this fear. I want to share all I have and yet, I’m afraid. I’m afraid we won’t have enough for us the next day. Or the next. You see, I’ve been there too. This week, one of my little girl’s friends wanted milk. We don’t drink cow’s milk, we actually don’t “drink” milk at all, we use almond milk in cereal, or cooking. (I know, I know, strange). I am hesitant to share, hesitant because 9/10 when people try the milk, they won’t drink it. Well, now as I think about it, who in the world cares? If I could have erased the event and started over, darling, I would say, here’s the half gallon..have at it.

You see, what I believe the Lord is teaching me, humbling me to see is that milk? that food in my fridge? It’s not mine. It’s His. And it is to be used for His glory, His ministry.  For the Lord says,

9 But I do not ·need [or accept] bulls from your ·stalls [L house]    or goats from your ·pens [folds],10 because every animal of the forest is already mine.    The cattle on a thousand hills are mine.11 I know every bird on the mountains,    and every living thing in the fields is mine.Psalm 50EXB

A dear friend helped me see this lesson yesterday. She came to my house, brought food to share with us, and told me a story of a mutual friend. Her gift of hospitality, even when her energy reserves were depleted, blessed my friend. She saw selfless ministry and had to share. You see, God meant for me to hear that story and remind me. When I trust in Him to provide for all of my needs, I worship Him. I give Him the praise He most highly deserves. And then others will be pointed to Him. Others will talk about how beautifully God is magnified in this house. Not for my glory, but for His. When it comes down to it, our mutual friend (whom I highly respect) is an example of a life laid down.

And you know what happens? A friend calls and gives me 10 pounds of Chipotle meat and beans. Another friend brings fun drinks for the kids and dessert. And, as mentioned before, my friend came yesterday and brought lunch.

6 “[L Are not…?] Five sparrows are sold for only two pennies [C Greek:assaria; copper coins of very low value], ·and [yet] God does not forget any of them. 7 But ·God even knows how many hairs you have on your head [L even the hairs on your head have all been numbered]. Don’t be afraid. You are worth much more than many sparrows. Luke 12 EXB

Ukrainian: Reserve Dzhanhulskyy shear Coast Photo by Balkhovitin

A lesson I will continue to have to learn. A lesson God is continuing to refine in me.

Pray on. Pray on.

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One thought on “My house…open for business

    Laura Miller said:
    August 9, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Hey friend!  A beautiful story, truly.  I had tears rolling down as I read it.  I am so blessed by your friendship, cannot tell you enough.  Love you much! Love, Laura


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