I’m baaaack..:)

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Sunset at Honeymoon Bay, Freycinet Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia Photo by JJ Harrision

Good morning, beloved,

The sun is rising this morning as it has done every morning of my life. It shines bright this morning as I begin. I may not see the sun every morning, as I rise, but I know, I know it is there.

Sun behind Clouds PHOTO by Quant

Psalm 113:

Praise the Lord!

Praise him, you servants of the Lord;
praise the name of the Lord.
The Lord’s name ·should [is to] be ·praised[blessed]
now and forever.
The Lord’s name ·should [is to] be praised
from where the sun rises to where it sets.
The Lord is ·supreme [exalted] over all the nations [99:2];
his glory [C God’s manifest presence] ·reaches to the skies [is over the heavens].

Praise Him! Praise YHWH! I was talking about this idea of YHWH’s being like breath. To breath is to praise His name, which is very convicting to me that when I am in the midst of giving into temptation, I am breathing. My breath, my voice was meant to praise the One who gave it all. I am tempted to write with permanent marker on my hand:

Picture by http://www.jcpm.com/appliedchristianity/yahweh.html

Maybe a tattoo. The clouds would be challenging but to keep the truth of His name ever before me, I need it.

When am I to praise Him? Let’s look at this Psalm 

The Lord’s name should [is to] be ·praised[blessed] now and forever.

Praise Him now and forever. Check out the Hebrew here. The word is `owlam. 

I. long duration, antiquity, futurity, for ever, ever, everlasting, evermore, perpetual, old, ancient, world

  1. ancient time, long time (of past)

  2. (of future)

    1. for ever, always

    2. continuous existence, perpetual

    3. everlasting, indefinite or unending future, eternity

You, me, all of us are meant to praise Him all. the. time. Doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of gray here. Oh, Lord, how little of my day is spent worshipping You. I confess. You know we think of confessing sin as big things: anger, lies, lust, you name it. Yet, if the Bible states unequivocally to praise Him always…

We were meant to NEVER get over Him. YHWH. Our LORD. We were never meant to leave Him in a box. Or at church. Or in our morning devotions. He is with us always. We were meant to praise Him all day.

Next question. Where is He to be praised?

The Lord’s name ·should [is to] be praised from where the sun rises to where it sets.

Is there anywhere on this planet that the sun is not? So it seems to me that all the world is meant to praise Him.  His.. his glory [C God’s manifest presence] ·reaches to the skies [is over the heavens].

Join me today. Join me in the song. Our God sings over us. Let us join Him and the angels in worship.

Reflect on His glory. His manifest presence.

My thankfuls today…

266. God’s mercy

267. Hymns and spiritual songs that keep me in worship

268. Help

Pray on. Pray ON! Worship on.


One thought on “I’m baaaack..:)

    jdedeusbrasil said:
    May 31, 2013 at 8:06 pm

    I’m happy I saw his manifest presence in time to be rescued from darkness. Yes! Let’s praise Him.Blessings!


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